Guru Ganesha, aside from being a lovely human being, is a creator of  soulful sacred chant music.  Known for his stellar guitar work, which you hear on some of my pages; he tours frequently with his band, around the country.  Gracious enough to allow me the privilege to use it, you can purchase or download his music from his website directly.


Anne Rapp is a wonderful horsewoman and outfitter guide. She does day to overnight pack trips into the diverse terrain and high country just north of  Durango, CO.   She has some of the most beautiful horses housed in a spectacular setting, and I feel honored to be allowed to capture them through the lens of my camera. Connecting with her herd  has been an extraordinary, spiritual experience.



I have started doing custom Jewelry ..Truly unique and one of a kind. Please find offerings can be found there.  If you are looking for something very special to buy, look no further!