I have a problem. My right brain has gone wild, roaring down the tracks like a runaway train. I feel the sparking of neuron activity, igniting day into night, causing little sleep and much creativity.  The digital darkroom gives poetic and powerful transformation to my photos, tuning them into fine art.  I mount them on Wood panels , painting organic beeswax and resin quickly onto the surface. I see the wax harden before my eye, the kind of transformation that would fascinate me as a child, and realize it still does. I carve into the wax , following the crooked lines of the tree branch, or the  gentle curves of a  horses mane.  I disappear into the scene before me, feeling, touching  living in the textured surface.

Later, my sunspot  freckled hands fly across the keyboard of my computer, urging me to dig deep into the well of  my emotions and paint in the form of words, write now... Kathy,  write now...

I engage in dialogue with myself ;  don't forget to breathe, make some space...  Dig your toes deep into the sacred ground.    I am singing aloud  my favorite chant  Adi Shakti  with my heart, as I am working in the studio. The art goddesses and gods are beckoning me to come play with them 24/7. Everywhere I look there is an image to be captured , a panel to coat with wax, a story whose tale needs telling.

This is the best problem I have ever had, blessings beyond measure. I bow at the feet of creation.  I am an Artist.