Kathy Klein was born in Los Angeles in 1958.     As a small child she lived throughout the Midwest and East coast before finding her way back to Los Angeles in 1979.  During this time her exposure to art was limited and in small doses.   

Drawn to sculpture as a medium, at age 32 she attended night classes at Cal State Northridge, working closely with David and Linda Elder. Additionally she was mentored by critically acclaimed artist Sharon Loper as well as Linda Davidson. 

During this period Kathy’s relationship to art was as a form of self-expression, never with exhibitions in mind. Regrettably, she stowed her creative and artistic nature away for the next 20 years. 

In 2011 Kathy received a digital camera as a gift and began to shoot. She started by visually exploring the raw honesty of the natural and spiritual worlds that she has come to know and adding elements of the human condition as her focus. She realized quickly that she liked to mix medias: combining layers helped achieve her intended vision for storytelling in each piece.  Entirely self- taught in photography, writing and Photoshop, she became interested in printmaking the same year. She participated in workshops with master printmakers Dan Weldon in the fall of 2011, and Keith and Bernice Howard in the summer of 2013 in Santa Fe, NM.   She continues to explore the world of printmaking as an individual medium, as well as combining her photographs, drawings, and writing with Monotype. She also works with encaustic wax over her prints and adds sculptural elements to the surface.  She  continues to also explore the world of found/recycled materials, and incorporate them into story in her art work.

In the last four years, Kathy has exhibited in over 23 juried gallery exhibitions within San Diego and Los Angeles Counties, and has received numerous awards in photography, mixed media, and printmaking.  In June 2013, she was a featured artist in the Fallbrook Art Gallery show “Celebrating the Horse… in Work, Sport and Play”, with 10 of her works. Kathy was the first prize recipient in the San Diego Museum Artist Guild 's open International show, "Reflections" under esteemed juror Mark-Elliott Lugo.  She has currently applied for individual artist grants from both the Santos Foundation, and the Center for Cultural Innovation to further her emerging artist career. 

The mystery of what formal elements may be exposed through her willingness to be experiential keeps her exploration of art fresh. Kathy’s intention is to have the viewer feel and experience these offerings, and make their own discoveries within the boundaries of their personal world. 

Kathy Klein has worked and lived in Escondido, CA for the last 20 years.