I am a writer, mixed media artist,  photographer and printmaker. I create individual pieces in all  four of these media.

I draw on the raw honesty of the animal kingdom, natural world , and human expression in all of my work. The mystery of what formal elements may be exposed through my willingness to be experiential keeps my exploration of art fresh.

Creativity is only limited by one's imagination.

Art is my universal language and constant companion . I am humbled by our journey together, and grateful for the opportunity to share it with you. 



Solarplate and ImagON are  exciting as an etching canvas to create fine art Intaglio prints from my photographs and drawings. The contrasts and tones deepen the images to new levels. Monoprints are never calculated and every new print a surprise.


Layers of Encaustic wax add texture into mixed media  and add ethereal, dimensional qualities to photographs. Substrates of archival paper, wood, plexi  or metal  lend themselves to each process. Combining all my processes together brings a new vision within a collage or a  mixed media hybrid composite.


Photography is wondrous!  It captures the nuance of the moment connecting with the lens of the camera, often times revealing something intimate below the surface that would have gone unnoticed.


Writing and language, through storytelling and poetry,  invites the reader to experience, color and paint with their own personal interpretation of your words. It deepens the heart to the layers within the skin, where more is always revealed.